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Jaylee Gandy would love to partner with your press/media outlet or radio station to create awesome content for the country music audience. Spark a conversation by sending Jaylee an email at


KCBD's Patricia Perry sits down with Jaylee Gandy to discuss her new music video for "Down the Road" - watch HERE.

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Authority Magazine

Learn more about Jaylee Gandy in Authority Magazine's "Meet Nashville's Rising Stars" series by clicking HERE.

Sweety High

"Down the Road" is featured in Sweety High's "Best New Music" article HERE.

Get an inside look into the music video for "Down the Road" in Sweety High's exclusive photo diary HERE.


Jeff, Mudflap & The Gang Morning Show

96.3 KLLL was the very first radio station to play "Hand Me Downs" and invite Jaylee to their radio station to discuss the release of her debut single. Watch the full interview HERE.

The Women of Country

Jaylee Gandy sits down with Nicole Marchesi of The Women of Country to chat all about her new single, "Hand Me Downs". Read the full article HERE, or your can watch the full interview HERE.

Read more about the music video for "Down the Road" on The Women of Country by clicking HERE.

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All Country News

Go behind the scenes of Jaylee Gandy's music video for "Hand Me Downs" with All Country News by clicking HERE.

Read more about the music video for "Down the Road" on All Country News by clicking HERE.

She Wolf Radio

"Hand Me Downs" chronicles the first seventeen years of the singer’s life.  The title was taken from all the wonderful things that have been passed down to her..." Read more HERE.

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Taste of Country

Jaylee Gandy's music video for "Hand Me Downs" ranked #2 on the "Taste of Country Video Countdown" the week of its release. Read the full article HERE.

Boots & Whiskey Podcast

Jaylee Gandy sits down for an in-depth conversation on The Boots & Whiskey Podcast to discuss growing up in Texas and the many influences that went into creating "Hand Me Downs". Listen to the full podcast HERE.


Texas Toast Podcast

Check out Jaylee Gandy's "New Artist Spotlight" feature on the Texas Toast Podcast by clicking HERE. (24:40)

Entertainment Tonight

Jaylee Gandy's "Hand Me Downs" was included in Entertainment Tonight's "New Music Friday" along side all the biggest releases of the week. Check it out HERE.


Worlds of Country

Jaylee Gandy shared her story with Worlds of Country, read the full article HERE.

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